one of the requirements in our first year at college was to keep a journal, in either electronic or paper form. having written a blog for five years, and in keeping with my interest in bookmaking, i was keen to explore the creative possibilities of a physical journal.

journal page for the film "the pillow book". photographs taken at the ashmolean museum, oxford.

journal page for the pitt rivers museum, oxford. original photography.

journal page for dye workshops.

journal page of recent purchases.

journal page for stitch workshops incorporating stitch sampler.

journal page for experimental letterpress printing.

journal page for visit to glasgow. original polaroid photography of glasgow school of art and the arches arts centre.

i thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to incorporate my own photography, samples and found images, and experiment with layout and typography. 

i find that writing an online bog encourages me to look outwards, to link to sources of inspiration, tutorials and resources, while a paper journal is more about exploring my own creative response to places, people and techniques. as such i find they complement each other and i intend to keep both in future.