for as long as i remember i've been compelled to make, to turn imagination into reality. my background is primarily in textiles and photography. from those first dolls dresses, stitched samplers and fuzzy disc camera images of my childhood i've consistently worked to give my own view of the world physical form. 

i have an endless curiosity for materials and processes, developing a wide range of skills and exploring the possibilities of what can be created by hand. it's not enough to know that something can be done, i have to do it. craft is central to my work, which is meticulous and multi-layered with imagery and meaning. 

my interest in narrative and print has lead to my current fascination for making books. i enjoy the interplay between the intention of the artist and the expectations of the reader and the multiplicity of narratives this can create. i often use found words in my work, woven into the fabric of the piece, suggesting rather than imposing meaning.

i am currently a mature student at cardiff school of art & design. the decision to return to formal education to build upon the skills and knowledge i've developed over many years is one of the best i've ever made :)


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